All Hail the Heels in 2011! WAWA, What’s Your Pleasure and Resolutions!

Photo by Andree Anne Handfield

Photo by Andree Anne Handfield

Since Amanda and the band have been spending every waking moment at Studio Victor working on their new, full-length album (which is currently in the mixing stage), they thought it proper to take a cup of kindness there this New Year’s Eve and hosted a smashing, giddy party. The band rung in 2011 with joy and style, playing an intimate set to a crowd of fans. A room full of strangers quickly felt like a room full of family as audience members teased each other while publicly announcing their new year’s resolutions, sung their hearts out with Amanda on “Don’t Be Subtle” (a new song from the forthcoming album) and cut up the rug during the dance party that followed the stroke of midnight (and went on til the wee hours of morning). For those who missed it, don’t fret. The show was recorded live at the studio and will be available online in the coming weeks (though we’d advise you make the experience even more realistic by wearing 4 inch silver heels, as Amanda did).

And for all aficionados of heels, fashion, music, art and women (we think that covers just about everyone in some way or other), Amanda is thrilled to present the 6th edition of the WAWA show which will be part of the MONTRÉAL EN LUMIÈRE festival. An acronym for “We Are Women Artists,” Amanda’s main inspiration for the event has always been to foster community among female artists. Along with the sonic explosion Mabrockers have come to know and love, you will experience the soaring gypsy voice of Cirque du Soleil singer Mirjana Milovanovic, the achingly beautiful harmonies of 2010 Juno winners The Good Lovelies, the colorful and classy couture of Katrin Leblond, the amazing concert photography of Andree Anne Handfield, and the incredibly entertaining hosts & circus artists Krin Haglund and Andreane Leclerc. This event takes place February 26th, 8pm at the Gesù (1202 Bleury). Tickets are 25$ and available here
Guaranteed to eradicate all of your February meh’s and it’ll cost you less than a trip down south.

If you can’t wait until February to get your batteries recharged, we recommend you make your way down to Le Balcon in Old Montreal (304 Notre-Dame East) this Thursday, January 13th at 7pm for the second instalment of Amanda’s pop cabaret noir show, “What’s Your Pleasure?” This neo-vaudevillian evening features special guests and plays with elements of dark and light. A little creepy if you resist it, so, don’t. Let it draw you in and watch the spring in your step liven. Information available here

November Gets Served

amandamabroatthedrakehotelintorontoHi November,

We gotta talk. No, this is serious. We don’t like to play favourites with months, but your reputation precedes you, with your exasperating vitamin D deficiencies, your irritating pre-winter colds and your erratic weather. Not cool, November. We’re not going to stand idly by as you depress everyone again, so prepare yourself: we’re here to take you down, one song at a time.

First thing needed: A beautiful venue. Check. The stunning and historic Rialto Theater in Montreal—over 85 years old and modeled after the Paris Opera House (5723 Parc Avenue). Have you ever played at the Rialto, November? Didn’t think so.

Next up: something eye-popping, gut-wrenching, heart-stopping or any combination thereof. Done. We’ll be playing a supporting set for The Unsettlers double album launch – they are a theatrical neo-vaudevillian, rock-carnivalesque hybrid, complete with circus performers and other treats. Expect an amazing night!

Finally: it’s gotta happen soon! On it. Saturday, November 13th at 8pm. Advance tickets are running out fast though. Mabrockers should get their hands on theirs as fast as they can through:
Grumpys Bar – 1242 Bishop
Phonopolis – 5403A Ave. Du Parc
Cheap Thrills – 2044 Metcalfe
Soundcentral – 4486 Coloniale

November, you just got served.


those who believe rock n’ roll will save your soul

Dark, Light, and The Gramophone: “What’s Your Pleasure?” and Studio Victor

Take a deep breath. It’s autumn—the season that plays with all our senses, supersaturating our palettes with colours, sounds and smells we vividly remember from childhood, yet seem to have forgotten along the way (also brings out the poet in some).

photo by Andree Anne Handfield

photo by Andree Anne Handfield

Seems only fitting that October features Amanda’s first instalment of her much anticipated, multi-disciplinary cabaret show “What’s Your Pleasure?” Featuring Amanda’s original and selected works, as well as an eclectic array of some of Montreal’s most gifted and enthralling artists, the show explores the curious elements of dark and light through various art forms. You won’t want to miss this larger-than-life introduction to this incredible series. Show Friday, October 8th at Le Balcon in Old Montreal. Ticket and show information HERE
Photo by Andree Anne Handfield

Photo by Andree Anne Handfield

You can also catch ‘em live in Toronto on Wednesday, October 13th at The Rivoli for their “Eros, Thanatos & the Avant-Garde” residency. 24 hours later (i.e. October 14th), they’ll be in Montreal, performing at Il Motore in support of “Apathy is Boring.”

In other news, if Amanda and the usual suspects seem (extra) excited these days, it’s because next week they begin recording their new, full-length album at the historic Studio Victor, designed by Emile Berliner, inventor of the gramophone (whaaat?). Gaetan Pilon, owner of Studio Victor, will be engineering, mixing and mastering this collection of 12 songs. “It’s such an honour to be back. When we recorded ‘Wine Flows’ here in 2008, I couldn’t get over how surreal it was. There just a magic…I don’t even know how to describe it. I can’t wait to start!” says Amanda.

Summer’s Almost Over—Bring on the Sweets!

Amanda and the crew may have seemed a little distant lately. Don’t worry—it’s not you, it’s them. They’ve been writing new songs, working on a new show, and are ready to take over September (and most of fall too)! They miss you dearly, by the way. You should write them. Better yet, catch up in person. Here’s where you can find them in the next little while.

Photo by Andree Anne Handfield
Photo by Andree Anne Handfield

Tuesday, September 21st — Busking for CHANGE, Toronto Amanda, Sass Jordan, Raine Maida and other musicians will be playing for your donations as part of the War Child event “Busking for CHANGE.” Money raised through on-site and online donations helps children whose lives have been torn apart by war. Help spread the love on International Peace Day at First Canadian Place (outside) at noon (101 King St. W.) and at Queen and Bay at 1:30pm (394 Bay St.). Click here to sponsor Amanda

Wednesday, September 22nd — YD Square, Toronto More outside action comin’ atcha! The band is gearing up to play the “Serenades in the Square” series at the corner of Yonge and Dundas. Bring your lunch, your friends, your good times and your laughter too. Come celebrate the last official day of summer, and let Amanda and the band convince you that autumn can be just as magical (there’s an entire day dedicated to candy). From 12:30pm to 1:30pm. Free (like said candy).

Friday, September 24th — Le Savoy, Metropolis, Montreal Back in Montreal on Friday, Amanda is opening for Canadian singer-songwriter Jill Hennessy, best known for her acting stylings on “Law and Order.” Show at 8pm. Tickets are $15, available at the Metropolis box office (59 Sainte Catherine East) or via

Thursday, September 30th — Le Sacrilege, Quebec City Amanda and Elsiane are double headlining this night and sharing the stage as well. Their haunting harmonies will get inside your head, under your skin and into your heart.   A beautiful evening—guaranteed. Show at 6pm. 447 St-Jean.

Photo by Andree Anne Handfield

Photo by Andree Anne Handfield

The Sweetest Thing Fundraiser and A Pirouette or Two

It’s safe to say that Amanda and the band love The Drake. A beautiful venue and a beautiful audience made for an incredible night. High-fives and hugs to everyone who came out!

Now our top stories…

Some pretty remarkable things happen when you get Amanda in a room with Montreal burlesque queen Miss Sugarpuss and comedienne extraordinaire DeAnne Smith—remember the WAWA shows from 2007, 2008 and 2009? Classic. This time around, the three relentlessly entertaining women will be a part of The Sweetest Thing, a fundraiser for the Cedars Cancer Institute’s CANSUPPORT program which creates a support system for cancer patients through the McGill University Health Centre. Organized by Christyna Andrade, the show will also feature Colin Moore, Coco Framboise, Chris Mysterion and many more. Come out for a great cause at Studio Juste Pour Rire (2109 St-Laurent), August 14th. Doors at 6:30pm. Show at 7:30pm. Tickets are $35 and available by calling 514-246-9466.

And for something completely different…

Photo by Andree Anne Handfield

Photo by Andree Anne Handfield

Fun Mabro Fact: Amanda has a background in dance. This woman can seriously bust a move, from jazz hands to grande plies, and even the occasional pop-and-lock. Perfectly fitting then that she has been invited to Dance 2 Danse, Toronto’s newest annual dance festival. She and the band will be the featured musical guest for the Cabaret Series “Eros, Thanatos & the Avant-Garde,” which presents work in the disciplines of dance, film and multi-media. This eccentric evening begins Wed, August 18th at 9pm at The Rivoli (332 Queen St. West) where Amanda and the band consistently cause a commotion. Ticket and festival information available here.

Joy From Osheaga Makes Its Way Down the 401

Anyone at Osheaga thinking that the Scène des Arbres would be a quiet refuge from the hordes of music lovers at the festival was in for a surprise when Amanda and the band took the stage yesterday. A modest crowd of about 30 people grew ten times bigger in less than 15 minutes. By the last song, over 300 happy faces were relishing in the infectious end of fan favorite “Don’t It Feel Good,” clapping and singing “Do what you do.” Many thanks to this fantastic audience of joyful, dancing revelers.
Check out what the Montreal Gazette had to say in their review of Amanda’s Osheaga performance!

Photo by Andree Anne Handfield

Photo by Andree Anne Handfield

Ontario fans who weren’t able to make it out to Osheaga, have no fear. Amanda will be performing at a venue near you this week. Take your pick depending on where you hang your hat.

This Thursday, August 5th, the band will be playing in Waterloo at Maxwell’s Music House with Michael Dainjah and Paddy Townsend. Doors at 8:30pm.

Friday, August 6th, get ready to be spoiled at The Drake Hotel in Toronto: Amanda will be playing with Montreal trip-hop artist, Elsiane. Wowing crowds since they first shared the stage in November 2009, the two deliciously weave their voices together to create a cinematic feast for your ears. Says The Drake: “Confirming Montreal’s status as a musical goldmine, Elsiane and Amanda Mabro join forces for a double-header of vastly unique yet surprisingly complementary styles.” Doors at 8pm. Come see what all the fuss is about. You will get goose bumps. Don’t be alarmed. We warned you.
Amanda Mabro + Elsiane at The Drake in Toronto!

This week, Amanda Mabro plays OSHEAGA!

Photo by Andree Anne Handfield

Photo by Andree Anne Handfield

Not all bands can successfully pull off an outdoor show, but Amanda Mabro revels in it. “Playing on an outdoor stage is truly amazing,” says Amanda. “It goes from being incredibly surreal and magical to strangely grounding and relaxing.” The 20, 000 fans who braved the stormy summer skies for the band’s two sets at this year’s Montreal International Jazz Fest would agree: an open-air Amanda Mabro show triggers delightful musical mood swings. When not mesmerized by the harmonies of Amanda and special guest, singer-songwriter Elsiane, spectators were forced to retrieve their jaws from the concrete following a hypnotizing performance by contortionist Andréane“Mimi” Leclerc. The undeniably kinetic evening prompted a frenzied dance party that left both fans and the band completely breathless.

Amanda’s upcoming outdoor show at the Osheaga Festival promises to deliver even more oomph, if that’s humanly possible. She and the band are excited to introduce audiences to some of their newest songs which are a little less cabaret, and a little more gritty rock and heart-wrenching soul. Amanda is embracing the change: “Over time I’ve realized the more visceral, high energy material resonates with me the most. My hope is for the audience to experience a wide range of emotion in the songs with a whole lot of fervor and fun throughout the set.”

Be sure to get your high-octane fix, Sunday, August 1st at 5pm on the Scène des Arbres at the Osheaga Festival!

Add Amanda to your Osheaga Festival Schedule

Amanda Mabro returns to Montreal Jazz Festival’s Rio Tinto Stage June 28th!


Amanda Mabro and her band are thrilled to announce that they will be playing the 2010 Montreal International Jazz Festival: Monday, June 28th at 8pm and 10pm on the free outdoor Rio Tinto stage! Amanda is honoured to be invited back for a second time to play the world-famous festival. Her last performance at The Jazz Festival was in 2008, where she played two sets to a crowd of 15 000.

“It was a surreal experience”, says Amanda of her largest performance to date. “My face hurt from smiling at the sea of people in front of me” she continues “I remember as soon as I got off stage after the first performance, my manager pulled me to the Best Buy tent, saying that I should sign autographs. I was confused and when I saw a long line of people, I assumed they were for another performer.  I was gob smacked when I was told they were lined up to see us, and when I saw them holding copies of Red Rows…I just couldn’t believe it”

This year, Amanda will be promoting her latest EP, Wine Flows, as well as a four-song teaser for her next full length album due out in February 2011. In addition, she and her awesome band will be featuring Montreal’s trip hop singer Elisane in three hauntingly beautiful songs. Their performance will feature other surprises which we will not give away just yet!

Thanks to the 2008 Montreal Jazz Festival audience for being such an awesome crowd!

Thanks to the 2008 Montreal Jazz Festival audience for being such an awesome crowd!