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New "belt it out, dance it out" tune for the deep feeling folks on all streaming platforms

I've been wanting to release this tune for a while, but I was busy being a mom and being in the mom-ent?! Amidst new motherhood and countless other life changes, I'm learning how to just be in my life, in the here and now, during this most beautiful of life shifts.

These are strange and uncertain times we are living in what with Covid-19 and all its related strife. So hopefully the new single "Beating Heart" can be a small part of the global artistic coping that's been happening in the online community.

Beating Heart is a song about anxiety. A belt it out, dance it out, emotive, alternative electro-pop tune for deep feeling folks. I hope you like it. I hope it helps. And if it doesn't, throw something on that does - whatever gets you through these strange times! Stay safe. Stay Healthy. Amanda

SINGLE CREDITS: Beating Heart was produced by my dear producer friend Rob Szabo in Toronto, Canada and mixed and mastered by my other dear pal Eric Passmore in Ottawa, Canada. The artwork for the single was also created by young emerging visual artist and singer-songwriter Evan Cecchetto.

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